With over 30 years of combined experience in teaching, we feel strongly that AIM KW School represents an innovative movement in education: personalized, student-centered learning! We have developed a model of teaching and learning that blends the findings of recent educational studies with the tried and tested strategies we've used in our classrooms over the years. We are life-long learners who are passionate about professional development, and believe strongly that today's technology is a driving force behind the changing face of education.

With AIM, it is our goal to create an alternative educational environment that is designed to meet the needs of students who need an educational plan tailor-made to suit their style of learning. Whether they require academic support, enrichment challenges, or simply the freedom to move around as they learn, we recognize the need to reach each kid individually, meeting them at their level and moving at their pace.

We know that AIM ensures individualized success for students . We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss a personalized learning plan for your child!


Chantelle Aguilar, Principal of AIM
Aleith Cole, Director of AIM




Chantelle Aguilar (Mrs.A)- Founder, Principal and Educator-B.A. Ed, M.Ed

I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I was not the student who ‘fit in the box’ of our education system. I discovered that I needed flexibility, the ability to move and to feel valued as a learner. During high school, two teachers did this for me. It was then that I realized my true intelligence and began to excel. My teaching career began in 1999 teaching in Belize, Central America. I am a passionate life-long learner who believes in empowering children with a voice to advocate for themselves and get invested in their learning. I have a B.Ed. and M.Ed. in literacy. Opening AIM KW School has been a long-time dream come true. I am passionate about implementing solid philosophies and taking education to the next level for the future.


Aleith Cole (Mrs. Cole)- Founder, Director and Educator- B.A., M.Ed

My career in teaching spans over 20 years in several countries including Taiwan and Italy. I have learned many things from each of my teaching experiences and have developed a strong student-centered philosophy that balances social, emotional and academic growth in a flexible learning environment. After completing my M.Ed in Literacy Education, I realized how important it is to educate each child as an individual, at their pace and at their level. I taught with Chantelle for a few years before realizing that we had a dream in common - establishing a school! As a co-founder of AIM KW, I appreciate working in a school that respects and supports each child as a unique learner. Seeing my educational philosophies in practice and watching students succeed is a dream come true.


Jamie Hatfield- Primary Educator, Art- BA Linguistics/Psychology

My name is Jamie, and I have been working with kids for several years now in every environment you can think of - classes, day camps, sports programs, even photography workshops! I have a degree in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of Alberta, with a focus in child development. I have also obtained multiple High Five certifications and believe in their philosophy that a child can succeed with a caring adult to help them along. I am originally from Edmonton and moved to Waterloo just over a year ago. I enjoy camping, playing the piano and dogs!


Katie Grimond- Primary/Junior Educator, French, STEM- B.Ed and BA

Âllo! Je m'appelle Mme. Katie! I am excited to be AIM's French teacher this year. I grew up in Quebec, and have been speaking French since I was 3 years old. Being Québécoise, I know how important and exciting a new language can be. I attended Bishop's University, where I studied in the 4 year educational program. I have taught all levels from junior kindergarten to grade 8, both in Québec and Ontario. Upon moving here, I continued my education by completing my additional qualification in special education. I always strive to infuse language learning into students' daily lives! I am also eager to be teaching STEM as well! My husband is a hobbyist computer programmer, and repair technician; working with him has taught me so much about coding, circuit boards, and restoring retro technology! My father, as a wood-working has also inspired me to bring engaging building activities into our STEM classes.

Luke Hunter- Junior/Intermediate Educator, P.E.- BA Music, M. Music

I am a graduate of Humber College in Toronto. While at Humber, I completed a diploma in music performance, and a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Performance. Following graduation, I worked as a professional musician and teacher. My work has taken me to many places around the world including Malta, Monaco, France, the Carribean islands, and all across the United States, and Canada. As an educator, I've been teaching for almost 20 years. To advance my knowledge and professionalism, I went back to school to complete a Master's degree in Community Music at Wilfrid Laurier University. During my studies, I conducted a research study on lifelong learning. My degree enabled me to learn more about cultural perspectives, inclusion and diversity, reconceptualizing education, leadership practices, and program planning. Since graduating, I've been leading group classes, workshops, and ensembles; working at Kitchener Community Centres; and teaching private lessons.


Emily Watkins- Junior/ Intermediate, Math- B.A.- Sociology, religious studies, M.Ed

I am so excited to be a part of the AIM KW community. I was born and raised in California. I attended Occidental College for undergrad, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Religious Studies and Education. I then went on to receive my Master of Education from University of California, Santa Cruz. I taught in Colorado for two years before moving to Kitchener in February of 2020. I love swimming (enough to be a collegiate swimmer), camping, good food, learning, and spending time with my family, partner, and dog.


Kerri Playford- Office Administration

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Mia - Emotional Support Dog

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